Saló (2010)

"In the looming shadows of Krausesvej 3, guests were escorted into the Villa by the brutish charm of the Fuckers. The sinister decadence of Villa Salò was at once apparent: a bruised and naked child playing nervously on the carpet under the watchful glare of an elegant Madame, then wails of suffering followed by the raucous laughter of gentlemen in a distant chamber. Guests arrived by the invitation of four generous hosts, the Masters – the founding members of The Black Libertine Society. By accepting their offer of hospitality, guests witnessed - and in rare cases, joined the Masters’ adventures into the dark passions of debauchery, which seemingly had no bounds. In a scathing and visceral interpretation of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film, Salò was a devastating representation of what transpires when power is manipulated, and the value of human life is converted into nothingness."

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