United Colors

 "Advertising is a smiling carrion"
Oliviero Toscani


  1. damn, there is something pretty nasty in that stile of photographis. It's Art in there, but there is something inhuman and cynical. Yes I know, they up to shock, but is that the way we like to do that? throw commerzials?

    That is not what I mean if I talk about art or interesting images, no I'm damn sure, that is nasty. Not because the Images Itself. It is for celling, that it is what it make nasty and cynical.

    But at all, I like that photos and I have to say, great god blame me a hell, but that is damn goog work.

    Afer all, interesting, but I would never buy something from banitton, like I doesn't do from Nike or Adidas... Sorry. ;)

  2. WTF ?! Why did they use those images ? Was that a kind of an advertising campaign ? What is the relation between a priest kissing a nun and Beneton ? It's shocking and has nothing to do with this brand ! Btw, on the last picture, is it a young boy/girl or a woman ?

    1. they used those image to shock, and so the brand was remembered. they didn't need to advertise their clothes. the shocking images created enough debate and talk amongst the public, that that kind of advertisement was not needed. It made people think, and question things, whilst also promoting the brand name. If you read the information under that last image, you would see that they don't know anything about the image.